This bibliography on the stereoscopy means to be an aid to those who, for delight or study, are searching sources on this matter. In particular, it introduces titles in Italian language not always common in similar foreign lists.

The works listed here are only a part of those included in the library of the Archivio Stereoscopico Italiano and gradually the list will be completed and updated compatibly to the programs developing in the Archive.

Since these books are frequently consulted from the associates their loaning is excluded, however, upon detailed request and under reimbursement of costs, the Archive is available to supply a photocopies service of the documentation from the original source of references or bibliographical citations, to experts and university students (also foreigners) engaged in searches and thesis on this argument. Under no circumstances, however, the number of usable pages, previewed from the Italian law for every single volume, could be old.

The titles are listed in the following order:

1) Banns produced by the Archive or to which the Archive has contributed.

2) Catalogues and tests without author.

3) Titles with author (in alphabetical order)

4) Reviews.

We put in evidence herewith under further bibliographical sources on this subject.

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